What Is the Best Magento Development Company in Toronto for Your Online Store? 8 Criteria to Consider

What are the critical criteria to use when looking for the best Magento development team in Toronto for your e-commerce project? What specific requirements should you focus on?
Are extensive Magento experience and stellar communication equally valuable? Is adhering to high coding standards as crucial as proven expertise: an impressive portfolio and great customer reviews?

Is the efficient way that they manage their business processes as critical as the post-deployment technical support that they provide?
Still grappling with the challenge of assessing the potential of various Magento development teams?
Now, let us give you a hand with narrowing down your choices!
Here are the 8 essential criteria to use when evaluating your “candidates”.

1. First: Clearly Articulate Your Requirements
Before you start assessing various companies’ competence in carrying out your Magento project, define your business needs. As clearly as possible.
Or feature needs…
What functionalities should they be able to integrate into your Magento website?
What specific requirements do you have? What future challenges and potential risks do you predict for your e-commerce website?
Identify them all — requirements, business needs, feature/functionality needs, expected problems — and do your best to explain them loud and clear to your “candidates”.

2. Does Their Code Adhere to the Official Coding Standard?
Feel free to check some of their code samples on Github to evaluate the quality of their code writing.
It is clean and clear enough? Is it easy to modify?
Note: besides following the official coding guidelines, adhering to deadlines and adopting a creative approach are 2 other major criteria for assessing the quality of their work.

3. Their Development Experience: Portfolio and Customer Reviews

What about the skills and level of expertise (industry expertise here included) of those Magento development companies in Toronto?
The most effective way to measure them is by “poking your nose” into their portfolios:
– are they impressively diversified?

do they include work for companies operating in the same industries as yours?
– are their projects “equipped” with the very same functionalities that you wish to get implemented into your own website?
Another way for assessing a Magento team’s experience and expertise is checking their past clients’ reviews (on Google, Clutch, Facebook, LinkedIn)…

4. Their Magento Developers’ Seniority Level and Skill Set
For the main objective of this “quest” is finding the most qualified, most experienced Magento developers in Toronto, right? The most suitable ones for handling your e-commerce project…
So, make sure that the companies under-evaluation have:

– Magento certified developers in their teams; that’s the very first criterion to use
– mid-level and senior Magento developers, too, not just juniors
Then, feel free to check the developers’ CV’s yourself. See if their skill sets match your feature needs.
Note: do think about interviewing them yourself before you make any final decision.

5. Do They Provide Post-Development Maintenance & Support Services?
Will they be there when trouble strikes? When you need to run a critical update on your online store?
Or when a bug hits your website?
Now it’s the best time to inquire about post-development.
About the post-deployment support and maintenance services that these Magento development agencies in Toronto provide.
Here, at OPTASY, we’ve built the reputation of “a team of Magento experts that… sticks around”.
That doesn’t use the “develop and run” approach, but is ready to intervene whenever trouble strikes. Or when you just want to upgrade your online store…

6. Choosing the Best Magento Development Team in Toronto: Expertise vs Fees
Put their fees against their experience, skills and time needed to complete your project.
In other words: now that you have all the features, functionalities and other special requirements clearly defined, ask for a quote.
Next, when comparing all the quotes, remember to take into account the post-deployment (upgrades and continuous maintenance) costs as well.
Note: trading critical functionalities for lower fees is always a risky decision! Do ponder on that…

7. How Will You Communicate During the Project?
How important is for you getting involved in the development process?
Getting co-opted in the Magento team’s planning and design ideas brainstorming meetings?
If  “highly” is the word you’d use, make sure you evaluate the interviewed companies’ client communication skills, as well.
That you ask questions about the specific communication tools and processes that they use.
It’s your right to keep a close track of your project’s development status. To get timely answers to your inquiries and inputs.

8. What Business Process Management Type Do They Use?
Feel free to inquire about their specific business processes and to assess whether they fit your project’s particularities.
Can they adapt to your specific processes?
And what kind of project management model are they using?
These are the 8 critical criteria to use when interviewing multiple Magento development companies in Toronto.
When looking for the best combination of expertise, experience, and soft skills for your own e-commerce project.