Tips for Buying a Vaping Starter Kit

If you want to start vaping, the first thing that you will need to buy is a starter kit. Starter kits are basically complete vaporisers that come with all of the items that you need to start vaping. The starter kit includes the mod, the tank, and the coils. Most of the starter kits that are popular nowadays are made by reputable brands and offer you a variety of feasible options that enhance your vaping experience. For people who haven’t bought a starter kit before, it might be difficult to select a suitable option. Many of the starter kits that are sold by reputable brands have very flashy designs, but it’s imperative that you do not fall for the looks. Here are some important tips for people who want to buy a starter kit.

Check the Size

Many people prefer to carry their vaporisers with them wherever they go. However, if you want to buy a box mod starter kit, you need to understand that the size of the mod is a big factor. If the mod is big and bulky, it might not easily slide into your pocket. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to carry it around with you. One of the best mods that you can buy for everyday usage is the Smok Alien. The Alien is a 220 Watt starter kit that comes with the company’s proprietary Baby Beast TFV8 Tank. It has a fantastic OLED display that offers crisp and sharp colours and gives you access to a bunch of different settings that you can use to customise your vaping experience according to your needs. The minimum atomiser resistance on the vape is 0.06 ohm, thus delivering a fantastic vaping experience. Of course, the tank is detachable, so if you want to add a different tank, you can do that as well.


Most starter kits offer you a variety of basic features. These include two major options: temperature mode and normal mode. The normal mode burns up the coil as long as you keep pressing on the main button. The temperature mode only heats up the coil to a specific temperature and is generally suitable for experienced people. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a couple of 18650 flat top batteries that are needed to power up the mod. The batteries must be of a specific size and should slide neatly into the box mod. When you purchase a box mod from any company, it’s very important that you ask the sales representative to show you how to detach the tank and replace the coil, as that is something you will need to do quite frequently.