Should You Use A Website Builder? Check All Details Here!

Regardless of whether you are a passionate writer or someone who owns a small business, having online presence is not a choice. Thankfully, launching a website or a blog doesn’t have to be a cumbersome and expensive procedure anymore. The obvious idea is to hire a website developer for the project, but you can also consider the other alternative – a website builder. In this post, we will talk about the latter and how you can select the best website builder.

The basics

So, the first question remains – Why would you choose a website builder when you can always hire a web developer? The reason can be diverse like –

  • Because you don’t want to spend a lot. Website builders tend to be a lot cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Because this is a small website. When you need a website with basic functionality and features, website builders are certainly the best choice.

  • Because this isn’t an online store. To be fair, there are website builders like Shopify that allow new entrepreneurs to set up their website, but for ecommerce stores, many prefer professional assistance. However, if it’s not an online store, a good website builder is enough.
  • Because you don’t want a complicated portal right away. For a small blog or a simple website, there is no point of hiring a designer, when a website builder can offer the basic site building tools that are required.
  • Because website builders are easy to use. Yes, you read that right. Why would you hire a designer, when you can drag & drop elements into the web page and create a website in no time? The best website builders are super easy to utilize.

How to choose one?

Finding the right website builder can be a bummer, with many choices, but the best idea is to rely on various review sites. These are websites that compare all the top-rated options, based on the features offered, and the costs involved. Let’s get honest here – technically, most website builders aren’t free, because some of the features and aspects like storage are paid, and that means that you have to consider the actual price of owing the website.

Check these basic pointers, consider the pros and cons of each website builder and take a call accordingly. The best one is usually the most affordable one but doesn’t compromise on the features, free options, and interface.