Pros and Cons of Google and Bing Ads

Nowadays PPC or Pay Per click is the most popular way of marketing a business. It can easily attract targeted customers and convert them into buyers. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a good pay per click agency in Dubai to set up a PPC advertising campaign successfully. In this, you as an advertiser will be required to pay for your ads published on different platforms. The payment, however, is solely based on the qualifying clicks. In other terms, you will be paying only when the visitors click on the ad to visit your website or landing page.

You would like to display your ad on the platform that has more reach, is less expensive, has more targeting capabilities, and can produce more conversions. Minds Metricks Marketing Consultancy in Dubai knows about the appropriate platforms and can help you to set up PPC campaigns that will reach out targeted audience and help in generating revenue.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are viewed as the best of platforms to display your ads. But each of them has their own pros and cons. In this piece, we shall figure out the difference between the two and summarize the pros and cons of each platform.

Differences between AdWords & Bing Ads

Here are a few of the fundamental differences between the two platforms that you should know about.

  • Ad Location: when you display your ads on Bing, then your ads will be located on Bing, Yahoo! and other partners of Bing. Likewise, if you choose to put up your ad on Google AdWords, then you can expect your ad to be located on Google and its partners.
  • Description text: Google allows you to incorporate your ad text in two separate lines while on Bing you have a single but longer line (71-character limit) to write your ad description.
  • Negative Keywords: Bing doesn’t make use of broad match negative keywords. But, with Google, you can use this feature. However, it acts as a phrase match negative keywords, when converted.

Pros and Cons

Many of the experts say that Google AdWords is a better platform to put up your ad, while some argue that Bing is far better. However, we have assembled a list of pros and cons for each of these platforms so that you can be a better judge.

Pros of Bing Ads

  • More Flexibility: you are offered more of advertising flexibility on Bing Ad as compared to Google AdWords. On Bing, you have many advertising options, plus you also can choose your add title to be small or large as it offers space for 40 characters for that.
  • Customer Service: Bing has a better customer service plan. When compared to Google, the team at Bing is quite readily available for help.
  • Cost: when compared to Google AdWords, the cost-per-click is quite less for Bing ads and therefore is a cost-efficient option for those advertisers with a low budget.

Cons of Bing Ads

  • Customer Service Lacks Knowledge: although the customer service is quick and available on Bing, studies suggest that they lack expertise as compared to that of Google. And this is a big reason why people choose Google AdWords as their PPC advertising platform.
  • Lower Search Share: Bing holds 1/3rd of the total search share, which although is still a tremendously large audience, but is quite less when compared to Google.

Pros of Google AdWords

  • Ad Extensions: as compared to Bing, Google AdWords allows you to add your business address, contact details, and many other things.
  • High Search Share: Google AdWords is one such platform that holds more than 70% of the market search share, which makes it the largest of all others.
  •    Higher CTR:  The Click Through Rate or CTR is quite high on Google in most of the verticals.

Cons of Google AdWords

  • Higher CPC: the CPC (cost-per-click) on Google AdWords is marginally higher in each search vertical.
  • Costly: this platform is much more complex, takes more time and costs more money to set up PPC campaigns.
  • Ranks According to the Quality: the quality of the website is the top priority on Google AdWords and therefore the site is ranked accordingly. Therefore, you need to focus on the website design also.

Each of the platforms come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is you, who must decide which one is a better option for your PPC ad campaign. And if you can’t, then leave this task on some professional pay per click agency in Dubai to get a better guidance.