Process of Installing Solar Panels

Are you thinking about having solar panels installed in your Hobart home? Many homeowners are tempted by these panels, as the cost of solar systems in Hobart has gone down in the past few years. These systems are now more powerful, affordable and many are available through financing. But what is the process of having solar panels installed by a reputable company such as Solar Squad?

Choosing a Solution

The first step is to look at the many available solar systems in Hobart and deciding on the one that makes sense for your property. Every home, apartment building or commercial property will be different. Depending on the size of the property and the amount of electricity used, it is necessary to choose a solar system that is powerful enough.

It is always a good idea to consult a professional during this step. Companies such as Solar Squad can get you connected with an expert, who can go over the pros, cons and prices of various solar systems that are available and a match for your property.

Getting Permission to Connect

When the decision is made to install a particular solar system, it is necessary to get approval from your local electricity distributor. It is a crucial part of the process, as the solar system must be tied into the electricity grid.

Certain paperwork will have to be completed, while it can take anywhere from two to ten weeks to get approval. Most companies will be able to help you with this process, as they have connections with the electricity distributor and have been through the process with other clients.

Securing Financing

While waiting for approval, it is the ideal moment to secure financing for your solar system. Most families and businesses would rather go with financing than pay for the entire system upfront. Financing ensures that you only have to pay part of the cost up front, with the rest being split into monthly payments for the next few years.

The type of financing and interest rate that you are offered will depend on many factors related to your financial situation. It is always best to ask the question about financing early in the process, as you should be sure you can afford the system before you make any permanent plans.

Scheduling the Installation

When approval from the electricity distributor is received and your financing is set, it is time to schedule the installation. It is common to book a date for a few weeks in advance. The specific date will vary on how busy the installation company is at the time.

It will typically be necessary to have someone who is 18 or older present at the home or business while the installation is started. That allows the installers to get access to the home and other parts of the property, while allowing you to sign the paperwork to initiate the installation process.

When the installation is complete, the company will do a quality check to ensure that everything to do with your new solar system is functioning correctly.