How to Easily Learn Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is a nice choice for the beginner. It is a universal instrument suitable for all genres of music. Here are some basic, but useful tips for those who are in the very beginning of the way.

Do not grip the neck

The technique named death grip is a natural for the beginners. Pressing metal strings is quite a challenge and hurts fingertips. The proper technique in this case is placing the thumb behind the neck and using exactly the fingertips. Well, there are always picks, if you just can`t handle it.

Useful tip: It will be easier to hold the guitar correctly if you have strong wrists. Do some basic exercises to train that part of hand. 

Change the positions while practicing

Might sound a bit weird, but such a simple thing as standing up and sitting down from time to time will help a lot with remembering basic techniques. There are two reasons why it works:

  • Changing the surroundings helps the brain relief

By surroundings here, I mean position and place in your room. The thing is, human brain is constructed in such a way, that it drops in productivity a lot, while doing monotonous job. However, it is possible to trick your brain a little with this simple trick.

  • It helps with memorizing

While moving here and there you will notice how the guitar is placed, how your hands lay and stuff like that. Which actually means you`ll learn the correct ways to do things faster.

Use a Metronome

Boy, is this thing important. Having a metronome feels like having your own little personal drummer, who gives you the rhythm to play. It will help a lot with developing muscle memory. Moreover, even when you become an experienced guitarist, metronome will come in handy while composing melodies.

Silent trainings

Silent training is like usual training, but you do not actually pull the strings. It is not as effective as a full rehearsal, but still, if you suddenly decide to practice a little in the middle of the night, it is a perfect way to gain some skills without disturbing neighbors.

Have discipline and correct tempo

As long as monotonous job is really boring and not as effective, it is an essential part of learning the basics of anything. The enthusiasm will be gone in two weeks, but mastering the guitar will take much longer. This is why it is so important to create a correct timetable of trainings, while you are still full of energy. It is even more important to stick to this timetable afterwards. It is OK, if you change it a little, but there must be discipline and self-control.

Choose a correct guitar

Having a right guitar is equally as important, as correct mood and setup for trainings. So, here are some recommendations on it:

  • It should be acoustic device. Acoustic instruments are better in terms of their universality. They fit for any style.
  • It should be an inexpensive instrument from a famous manufacturer. Almost all of them have series of cheap guitars. I would recommend checking Gibson`s, Fender`s and Dean`s guitars.
  • The more plain it is the better. I mean, there are should be no excessive modifications of the body. Probably a single cutaway or a sunburst pattern, but no more than that.

Well, if you are not confident which one to choose at all, start with reading this article. It is about a nice and cheap guitar for the beginners.

Thank you for reading and good luck!