Guide For Choosing Vacation Rental Software For Airbnb Management

If you have multiple rental properties, Airbnb offers the perfect platform for generating a stable income from your investments. Airbnb is a flexible website for listing your properties, but the whole process of managing more than one listing can be tacky and confusing. You have two basic choices in this regard – either create a new account for each listing or manage all listings in a single account. Both choices have a few pros and cons. The ideal solution is vacation rental software, which allows easy management of several properties. With endless options, how do you select one? We have a few tips below for help!

Why do you need a vacation rental software?

Managing rental property is a big task, especially on platforms like Airbnb, where the rules, regulations and norms are often strict. You probably know that Airbnb reserves the right to cancel a listing, subject to their terms and conditions. If you have too many properties listed under the same account, your venture will be considered commercial, and a few regulations may apply, depending on the location. With an authentic vacation rental software solution, you can get away with these hassles. These software platforms are designed for utmost flexibility, and you can expect a wide range of features. If you make your money by managing listings for others, this is your essential investment. 

Things to look for

When it comes to comparing software options for Airbnb listing management, you should expect to get a few standard features.

  • A perfect single inbox. When it comes to Airbnb management, communication with the guests is matter of a paramount importance. The software should have a comprehensive inbox, where all the messages are consolidated for different bookings and requests.
  • Tools for scheduling: As a manager or property owner, you would want the maximum bookings, but it also means scheduling and tracking your bookings. The perfect software will allow you to manage these listings in accordance to your needs.
  • Check the calendar features. A good calendar is a must inclusion in any software. It must be handy and should allow easy access to important information for bookings and cancellations. It should also allow you to block dates as required, besides other changes.
  • Effective interface. There’s no point of using a platform that’s clumsy and confusing. Make sure that the concerned software has an effective interface with all the right inclusions. The features should be easy to use, as well. The design and backend of the software should be such that anyone with basic computer knowledge can manage their listings.

  • Genuine pricing. Well, this remains one of the most essential criteria for comparison, at least for owners who want to save money. However, make sure that you are getting the right features for the price you pay. Some software platforms even offer templates and other features like auto-notifications, which are worth paying the extra price.

You can also choose to check online to find more Airbnb tips for finding a proper software for your business. Also, don’t miss on reading the norms, rules and regulations, which are extremely important for all property owners and managers.