Accelerate Ie 6

Ie 6 has existed for some time and it is been a great browser. Since new alternatives like Firefox and Opera came out now that we know that, yes there’s faster browsing available. Ie is often as fast after testing out a couple of tips in the following paragraphs.

Step One: Default is the friend.

You heard it here first folks. (most likely not) Generally setting the browser to the defaults can make it go faster. There’s two areas in specific that can make the biggest impact. Security settings and also the advanced settings. To create these in their defaults visit Ie. Within the browser visit the tools menu and choose internet options. Online options visit the security tab. Within the security tab set all the zones to default. Then visit the advanced tab. Within the advanced tab there is a restore defaults button at the end from the window. Click o it and that is it. Click OK and restart your browser.

Step Two: Setting the amount of Connections per Session.

Ie limits the amount of connections it opens whenever you click a hyperlink to spread out an new web site. Microsoft did this to conform with HTTP 1.1 standards it really slows lower things whenever you open a brand new website and download the websites images. To change that visit the start menu and choose run. Within the run command type regedit and click on Alright to open the registry editor. Within the registry editor navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings. Here alter the MaxConnectionsPerServer and MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server to some number you want. There you have it, once done restart home windows and you’re ready. Only a observe that this can effect all home windows applications that search on the internet explorer api therefore if another thing isn’t working right that’s the reason.

Step Three: Keep less and save your time.

Home windows automatically will instantly set your temporary internet files to some number of the hard disk. For those who have a hard disk that’s a 200 gigabytes your temporary internet files is a handful of gigabytes in dimensions. The greater files that Ie needs to examine the greater time that it requires to load a webpage. To alter how big your temporary internet files goto the various tools menu in Ie and choose internet options. Online options click the settings buttons within the temporary internet files. Alter the size towards the preferred amount (It’s my job to use 100MB) and then click OK. Your pc might stall for a short time if there are plenty of files to delete.

Its as simple as that. Three steps to hurry your internet browsing in Ie. I am sure there’s much more available but fundamental essentials ones that may help you the most. Till the next time.