10 Things to Do If You’re Celebrating Your Birthday Alone

For most of us, our birthday is one of the best days of the year – a day when friends and families tend to make us feel special and loved. However, many of us might not have the privilege of being with loved ones due to one or the other reason, with the most common one being traveling for work. Also, planning a birthday bash can consume a lot of your energy, time, and money. So, if the circumstances force you to celebrate your birthday alone, you might as well make the most out of it. Here, we’ve listed 10 different ways to enjoy your day and have a memorable time:


Due to our busy lives, most of us are normally unable to take time out for ourselves. When you’ve got one whole day to yourself with nothing in particular to do, count it as one of your blessings. You can spend the day reflecting on the years gone by, meditating, journaling, and doing something that brings you closer to your inner self.

Body massage

You can visit a spa and go for a full body massage that includes everything, from a full body scrub and facial to a nice massage. It is a great way to relax and celebrate your body.

Day-long outing

If you’re away from home, go explore! Take in the local sights, smells, and sounds. You may want to end the day on a high, so go ahead, buy yourself a drink, and make merry.

Watch your favorite play

If you’re lucky enough to have your favorite theatre artists performing nearby, grab the opportunity with both hands. Make sure you book the front row seat.

Play fun online games

You can play rummy online on an Indian rummy app. Playing online rummy its own perks. You get to play a fun game, win real money if you win and also talk to strangers with zero risks.

Go shopping

An unhinged shopping spree can help you shed layers and layers of stress, and you deserve it on your special day. Hop, skip and jump to the nearest shopping mall and have a great time as you drop those shoes you’ve always wanted into your shopping bag.


Cooking a nice meal for yourself is one of the best things you can do to destress while making yourself feel special. Open those cookbooks, fire up the grill, and let the music play in the background as you dance about in the kitchen cooking your favorite pasta and a sweet little desert to go along.

Read a book

So that novel from your favorite author has been lying on your study table, waiting for you to finally breeze through the last few pages and put an end to the mystery. Well, your birthday seems like the perfect day to conclude a beautifully written story, and possibly begin a new one.

Switch off

Yes, for the introverts among us, cutting yourself out from the rest of the world to self-heal and contemplate can be a very rewarding experience. And even if you’re not an introvert, you deserve the day off. So sleep till afternoon, have a quick brunch in your bed, and spend the day how you want to, even if that means doing nothing at all!


If spending a day for yourself feels good, spending it to serve others feels even better. You can volunteer to do some social work or make donations towards institutions that serve the less fortunate. Visiting an old age home or cheering up some young faces at an orphanage can be a great cause of celebration not just for yourself but also for others.